Yoga, Meditation, Qigong

Chloe taught at the Shakti Shala in Aspen, CO this summer and will be back offering classes there in February. 

Below see types of classes she offers...

Restorative Yoga + QiGong (all levels)

We begin with Qi Gong, connecting to the effortless flow and pulse of energy through the body, letting the waves move us like sea grass, slow, continuous and cyclic; tonifying the nervous system and sinking into presence with what is just now. Then we allow ourselves to let go and to be held, in deeply nourishing Restorative Poses. We end sitting together in meditation, cultivating concentration, relaxation, alertness and openness. Weekly dharma offerings and guided meditations on topics such as impermanence, attachment, forgiveness and loving-kindness. Occasional pranayam (breath work) and always, live savasana lullabyes.

Yoga, QiGong + Meditation (Level 2)

This practice integrates all aspects of our being- from the physical to the energetic, from the mental to the spiritual.

We begin each class with Qigong, a moving meditation that soothes and tonifies the nervous system, cultivating ease and relaxation. From the stillness, we dive into the vigorous dance of yoga, one pose flowing into the next, opening at our edge with the breath. This moderately-paced vinyasa flow emphasizes the development of core strength, and the principle of resistance. After a warming practice we will cool down with a juicy Savasana with live lullabyes. We conclude in meditation, resting back into our natural openness. The ultimate purpose is not self-improvement, or getting it "right." It is to cultivate a passionate intimacy with, and mindful integration of all aspects of ourselves and our experience; to come fully alive in our bodies, and in our lives-to delight!

Mountaintop Meditation

A class with a breathtaking view in three stages: Moving meditation in the form of Qigong, Sitting Meditation and Lying Down Embodiment Meditation.


   Mountaintop meditation site :)

In the past she has taught at Yoga Soup, UCSB, Source Yoga, and Divinitree; in Bali and in Thailand. 


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